Sony A7 II

This camera was released at the end of 2014 and I got mine just a few months later.

The mirrorless system makes it possible to fit a bunch of stuff in a (compared to regular DSLRs) small camera.

Next to the A7, Sony offers the A7S (video and low-light) and A7R (High-Megapixel) series.




Samyang 14mm f/2.8 (E-Mount)

This is an 'ultra wide angle' lens, giving you an enormous field of view of 115,7°.

The f/2.8 aperture let's through a lot of light, which -in combination with the wide angle- makes it a perfect lens for Astrophotography .

The lens is manual-focus only and is offered for almost all camera system.
Depending on the area, they are also sold under different names (Rokinon, Walimex).

If you are on a tight budget, you may want to check out their other lenses.


Sony 16-35mm f/4 Zeiss

Like the Samyang above, this lens offers an ultra wide angle, but also zooms into a more standard 35mm.

The wide angle and the versatility (zoom, autofocus) make it a must-carry lens for me when I'm hiking in foggy forests.


Sony 28mm f/2

At $450, this is a more budget oriented lens.

With an not as extreme wide angle, this lens is great for regular use when you still want to get a lot in frame.

The low price and small size have the drawback of a higher-than-usual distortion, but the f/2 aperture makes it great lens for low-light shots.


Sony 55mm f/1.8 Zeiss

This was one of the first lenses for the A7 camera system and it's also one of the best.

The 55mm is really sharp, has low distortion and is pretty compact - but doesn't come cheap.

Sony now also offers a more standard 'Nifty Fifty' for more budget oriented photographers.


Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro

We're now heading into the telephoto area - for reference, the iPhone 7 has an equivalent focal lenght 28mm.

90 & 100mm are very popular for macro lenses. A macro lens in comparison to a standard 100mm lens can get very close to the subject, but therefore suffers in focusing speed.


Meyer Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm f/2.8

Another lens in the 100mm range? Yes, but this one is quite special.

Based on the design of an historic lens, Meyer Optik brought this lens into the 21st century, making it compatible with modern camera mounts.

The Trioplan 100mm is known for it's soap bubble bokeh as seen in the image below.